Market Madness

The Premier League has recently come under scrutiny for it's clubs paying over the odds for players. Various factors need to be considered but there's good reason for the mega money transfers. The biggest hindrance is the threat of the league losing it's competitive nature.


Is The FA Cup Dying?

The FA Cup isn't what it used to be. Smaller clubs have a larger attraction to it and it's value has dropped drastically for big clubs. But how can such a cherished trophy be dwindling so quickly? What is it that has made it less desirable to the big clubs, to whom it used to mean so much?

Silly Season in Full Swing

The transfer season is underway and the rumours are coming thick and fast. Countless journalists report various transfers and interests every single say, and it goes without saying that some of them are simply ludicrous. But what makes targets realistic and why shouldn't you get too hopeful too soon?

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